Training Plans by ironguides   12-week Olympic Triathlon Training Plans (1500m Swim / 40km Cycle / 10km Run)

There are two plans available for you whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate triathlete. The plans are developed by Head Coach Marc Becker, Olympic Distance Personal Best: 1:49:50 (non-drafting).

"The 12 week plan is fantastic. I have made breakthroughs in all three disciplines, especially the swim -- and I am not a beginner in the sport! ...for so many seasons I was sucked into the Zone-based myth and was always overtrained when i hit the 'Build' phases. Now, even though the program is demanding I always feel rested. I have not had an injury nor felt weak or sick. My times are always improving and there are actually LESS rest days than the Zone based training program. It's amazing really!" - thyrio, ironguides Forum [more]

The ironguides Training Plans assume that the athlete can accomplish the following:

  • SWIM: Complete 100m of swimming using any stroke without stopping
  • CYCLE: Complete 30-60 minutes of cycling without stopping
  • RUN: Complete an easy 20 minute jog without stopping
  • SWIM: Complete 200m of swimming using the freestyle stroke without stopping
  • CYCLE: Complete 60 minutes of cycling without stopping
  • RUN: Complete 30 minutes of jogging without stopping

The Package
Program Length: 12 weeks
Price: THB 2,145
Hours per Week - Beginner 4 – 8
Hours per Week - Intermediate 7 – 12
  • Swimming, cycling, running
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Periodization
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