Training Plans by ironguides   10-week 10 Km Run Training Plans 6.25 Miles

There are two different plans available for you whether you’re a Beginner (Finish Running), or an Experienced (Finish Faster) runner. The ironguides 10-weeks 10 Km Training Plans provide you with all the information you need in order to successfully prepare for your first or next marathon event.

The plans include a complete day-by-day set of instructions to take you from your current level of fitness to the appropriate marathon goal for you. With optimal cross-training to help avoid injury and boost cardiovascular fitness for the big day, each plan helps you get fitter without needing a heart rate monitor or falling into a rut following never-changing routine.

Every week you’ll be challenged to increase your training by an appropriate increment so you stay motivated and look forward to seeing what you can achieve next week.

The ironguides 10-weeks 10 Km Run Training Plans assume that you can accomplish the following:

BEGINNER: Finish Running!
  • Able to run 2-3 times per week
  • Able to complete 20min easy jogging
INTERMEDIATE: Finish Faster!
  • Able to run 3-4 times per week
  • Able to complete 30min easy jogging

The Package
Program Length: 10 weeks
Price: THB 1,320
Hours per Week - Beginner 4 - 8.5
Hours per Week - Intermediate 6 - 10
  • Running
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Periodization
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