Online Event Hotel Booking System

Go adventure Asia is the leading pioneer of Online Event Hotel Booking systems. GAA has developed an online hotel booking platform that is designed to help event organisers provide smooth and efficient hotel bookings specifically for their events. This not only provides a better all round service for the athletes but event organisers can tap a very lucrative revenue stream which has almost always been over looked.

For example

According to the Outer Banks Marathon

Hotel rooms 2,178 sold for an average 2.15 days at $85 a room, $398,000.
Rental houses 1,373 sold for an average of 2.15 days at $525, $1,549,774
Bed and breakfasts 169 for 2.15 days, $30,884.
Revenue generated from total accommodations: $1,978,688.


Benefits for your event participants include:

  • Provides a better all round service to the athletes
  • Athletes can book accommodation online directly from your event website. This Decreases hassle, anxiety and stress for athletes trying to figure out accommodation.
  • The online system includes options for hotel transfers, breakfast and other necessities.
  • GAA specialises in hotel booking for sports events, we understand both the complexities of hotel booking and the athlete’s needs. Furthermore we understand all aspects and requirements that races can entail, as opposed to just an ordinary hotel booking.

Benefits for you the event organisers include:

  • GAA’s online event hotel booking system allows event organisers to provide a fully automated online hotel booking platform direct from their website for race participants and guests.
  • If event organisers want to centralise events and systems at a specific hotel such as registration, bag pickups and pasta parties, the online system can help facilitate participants book specifically at the desired hotel.
  • Hotels prefer a single intermediately / agent to handle the specific race hotel bookings, to reduce the stress and hassle that can accumulate with a large amount of participants coming for a fixed period. Furthermore most athletes have questions and special requirements that can overburden hotels.
  • We have a full time experienced customer service team especially for athletes.
  • We are able to manage and distribute hotel allotments for triathlon travel groups across the world globally. This is important if your race wants to attract large groups of international participants.

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