Relentless Endurance Run 7-8 November 2015  Chiang Maii, Thailand
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Attention endurance athletes! Please join the 4th annual Relentless Endurance Race! This is a timed ultramarathon to test how far you can run within 6, 12, or 24 hours. You can run a marathon, but not sure about extending to 50km? Try the 6 hour category. If you can run 50km, but aren’t quite sure about jumping to the 100km distance, sign up for the 12 hour event and see how far you can go. This is the perfect environment to challenge yourself and achieve a personal best beyond your expectations! For a race report and video of the 2014 edition, please see Why is it called the "Relentless Endurance Race"? Not only does relentless epitomize the attitude that ultra runners must adopt to complete these distances, it is also the name of the organization that Katherine, the race director, founded. This event is a benefit for RELENTLESS, a non-profit organization dedicated to serve the health needs of abused, exploited, and trafficked people in Thailand and around the world. Katherine is also an accomplished ultra runner herself so you know the race will cater to the needs of the runners.-More Info